Goals for Intelligent Public Way Process

  1. Frame Success Criteria that should be the basis of Designing the Intelligent Public Way.
    1. Values
    2. Needs
    3. Functions
    4. Applications
    5. Capabilities
    6. Qualities
  2. Survey current activity in integration of Broadband Resources with Urban Design, Economic Development & Workforce Development
    1. National Broadband Strategy Call to Action
    2. APA Efforts
    3. Digital Media Cities Movement
    4. Creative Economy
    5. HUD Standards
    6. Green / Clean / Sustainable Community, Cultural & Commercial Development
  3. Share tools and methodologies for making broadband resource planning accessible to planners & public
    1. Broadband Distribution as Invisible Public Way
    2. Broadband Resources as tools in building Community, Commerce & Culture 
    3. Curate & Exhibit Exemplars
  4. Encourage collaboration among Urbanists & Architects and Broadband & Media professionals
    1. Articulate Invisible Public Way in an Urban Design frame of reference.
    2. Possible change.gov working group on Broadband Policy
  5. Make things happen as a result of our joint efforts.
    1. Participate in Consensus Building on National, State & Local Broadband Policy & Implementation Strategy
    2. Exemplar Broadband Resource Planning Processes
    3. Exemplar Business Models for
      1. Digital Culture & Commerce Incubators, 
      2. Community Technology/Media Centers
      3. Digital Media Cities
    4. Exemplar new resources for existing institutions and businesses

We look forward to your comments and suggestions for revisions, refinements and additions to these goals