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TeleDimension's Proposal to Leverage Infrastructure Investments in public rights-of-way to enable deplyment of Broadband Resources 
Baller-Herbst's Report to North Carolina's E-NC. Great overview of many issues os interest. 
Appalachian Region Broadband Planning Program 
A Broadband Primer--PPT by Paul Treadwell of Cornell Extension Serivce 
NCSL: "Connecting America--Broadband Policy Issues, Options and Resources for State Legislatures 
VA Dept of Housing & Community Development--Broadband Planning Initiative 
Center for Rural Strategies including Broadband 
Rural Telecommunications Congress 
Columbia Telecommunicaiton Corporation Website 
Andy Cohill's Design Nine Website 
The Maine Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning Project 
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission--"Regional Telecommunications Planning Program" 
e-NC--"Connecting North Carolina to a Better Future" 
OpenCape Project--creating regional broadband opportunities using WiMax 
Resources Link @ TeleDimensions, Inc. Website to include presentations by Rita Stull, President 
NATOA Journal Article by Chuck Sherwood,"Surviving Language Migration From Telecom to Broadband Policy" 
Broadband in Towns & Cities website for 2006 & 2007 Conferences 
Website link to 
Mass Broadband Data 
Mass Broadband Coverage Map 
Information about the Mass Broadband Institute and Initiative 
Books written by Paul Brodeur, which often time deal with the effects of electromagnetic radiation 
California Broadband Maps. Statewide and by Area. CA Broadband Map 
Ohio State Broadband Inventory Ohio Broadband Map 
Community Broadband Map Mashup with Upload and Download Speeds 
New America Foundation's Wireless Future Program 
Great Ca. State Report on Broadband Infrastructure with excellent maps. Thanks Layton. 
Broadband Planning Presentation by Layton Olsen & Ronald Thomas at the American Planning Association 
Interesting piece on limitations in the capacity of the invisible public way <>, 
Connected Homes - The Next Frontier 
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