Intelligent Public Way??

The Intelligent Public Way: a 21st Century Basic Right

What happens in the public way - 
People Move, 
                    Stuff Moves, 
                                        Vital Systems are accommodated. 

We have many means, many forms of public way - 

To date, these public ways commonly coincide with the geographical paths of least resistance.  These paths have long been the basis of the the trade route/port/distribution networks of the world. 
Another more recent development is addition of intelligence and interdependence among the various systems in the network - for example, using telephone and data lines paralleling roadways to interactively manage traffic controls in real time.

Tremendous interest is arising about our evolution of a "smart grid" of interconnected and interdependent electrical and data systems.

One particular public right-of-way, the newest, is still in it's formative stages. 
That would be the paths of conveyance serving our Broadband Resources. 

In the biological metaphor, these systems are the nervous system of the public sphere. In the US and much of the developed world the very newness of these systems differentiate them from the many anachronistic legacy systems where our sunk capital and established behaviors oblige us to continue using systems whose design often does not enhance the public good in ways contemporary options might.
We have legacy habits as well as legacy systems.  

We also have unfounded expectations that these systems are constrained by tangible geography in the same way other trade routes are.
Broadband Geography can be profoundly different.

There is every reason for the benefits of broadband resources to be much more ubiquitous than prior trade routes would allow.

In other words, we're creating our Broadband Resources now, and we might as well do it mindfully, with an eye to maximizing public benefit to future generations.

Let's design the nervous systems by which we can inhabit the earth more gently, and unleash the remarkable innovative and cultural capacity latent among us.

Meridian Design Associates, Architects and Planners, in association with, TeleDimensions Inc., Ember Media &  Columbia University's Center for Technology Innovation and Community Empowerment have initiated this collaborative process aimed at making the design of this critical resource a part of our comprehensive urban and rural planning and development process.

Please join us in this undertaking.