Maybe Former Armories Become . . .

re-purposed geological givens,

long dank

Dark dungeon, dragony, vast castle/caverns


Voids in the neighborhood fabric,

Now, filling with new possibilities –

become vital


Full of life, making life.

Occupied by livings,

NO room left for battalions or deadly stores of latent arms.

NO longer at the ready to suppress invasive, uprising, Discontent.



Mega-structures long lurking, threatening and useless –

Now nothing but useful.


Great good places, 3rd Places where community, commerce and culture




Sparked by fluxing diverse gatherings of needs and capabilities, passions and curiosities.


Collegial remembering places where young and old witness and express the pattern of life in that place,

Moment by moment.


Evolving the pattern of life in that place,

Bring new beings to life on place –

Carbon sinks, oxygen sources,  food, bees, and joyful fragrances


Shadey grape trellises,

Sweet moisture held in living place.


New wine.


Fountains of rainwater retained demonstrating the dance of hydraulics,

Overflowing with the storm,


Trickling toward the dry spell,

Refreshing Cisterns for the drought.



Falling ever downwards, watery –

Till respiration and evaporation raise it again .

And again,


Growing knowledge and capabilities in THAT place, and walking distance, drawing folk just a subway ride away.

No brain drain, brains overflowing

Building THAT place, capability by capability,

Bright mind by bright mind

New enterprise, new careers, new dreams,



Retaining & refining the waters of life, knowledge, community, safety,




Committed, in geological time to rebuilding the soil,

Rendering fertile long fallow neighborhoods

Generation by gentle generation.


Become good things.






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